After several decades of technology implementation in an organization, legacy modernization is inevitable.

Over time, software and hardware reach their end of life and need to be replaced. This presents difficulties because of the complexity and opacity of the legacy software and the decreasing number of staff with knowledge of the older systems.

The business leaders are looking for modern, easy-touse applications that can be quickly deployed to solve a specific problem or respond to a market opportunity.

Mind Source’s Approach

• Understanding the lifecycle of legacy software and identify candidates for modernization, capture the TCO of each application, map the applications to the high level business process model and creating the application strategy for the next years through better Operational Legacy Applications;

• Assess what strategy to follow: renew, replace, consolidate, retire, enhance – or rebuild – applications in the portfolio;

• Understanding the productivity of application development department using Function Points;

• Application Optimization in databases and batch processing.