In the overall ranking of 24 best companies prepared by the Great Place to Work Institute, Mind Source was distinguished in 6th position. In the size category (100 employees), Mind Source was considered the 2nd Best Company.

Mind Source was distinguished by the Great Place to Work Institute®, by the second consecutive year, as one of the Best Companies to Work in Portugal. Ranked as the 6th Best Place to Work in the ranking of 24, the company led by Francisco Lopes da Fonseca has seen its good human resource practices, work environment and internal marketing initiatives being valued.

Based on the conclusions of the anonymous surveys conducted last year by the institute, Mind Source sought to continue to innovate and meet the expectations of its employees by providing more conditions. A more ambitious career plan, an annual training plan, a card full of advantages for the employee and family (Mind Source Life), a health insurance that covers the household, rewards for good performance or language courses that are some of the advantages that the team has access.

"We try everyday to be the #1 People’s Company - our talents. We designed our strategy for talent management, outlining a lot of actions and promoting platforms that increase the internal happiness and satisfaction in being part of this extraordinary team. People are the our most important source of value and we have to motivate them. The key is focusing on creativity, listen our talents and adapting their expectations to the Mind Source reality", said Francisco Lopes da Fonseca, Chief Executive Officer.